A tailoring project in Africa

The dream of independence

The keynote of the project is the belief that every human can obtain independence and satisfaction by learning how to use one's talents. That's why Taste of Malawi wants to help local tailoresses on their way to independence, to network them with other women and motivate them. Every woman, who doesn't need money from NGOs anymore, is a success!

Malawi is a country in Eastern Africa and shares its borders with Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Lake Malawi. It's also called the Warm Heart of Africa. It's one of the poorest countries in the world. If you go by its gross domestic product per capita the Malawians are actually the poorest of the poor. But they don't give up and try to improve their one situation! The project is situated in the suburb of Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.

Vision und Mission

Unsere Vision ist es, dass malawische Frauen unabhängig und gleichberechtigt auf dem globalen Markt agieren können. Unsere Mission ist es, die Frauen auf ihrem Weg zur Unabhängigkeit nachhaltig und individuell zu unterstützen und ihre Talente und Chancengleichheit zu fördern. So wollen wir unsere Vision in die Wirklichkeit umsetzen.

Transparency International

As we believe that transparency is very important, we have pledged ourselves to unfold our way of working according to the rules of Transparency International Deutschland e.V. to make our association as transparent as possible. You can find the details here.


Chitenje is the name of the African fabrics the Taste of Malawi products are made of. The colourful patterned cotton is an important part of everyday's life in Malawi: it's used as clothing, to carry food and even babies!