We are still a small and above all a non-profit organisation, which is why we rely on all the help we can get. Our vision is to cover the costs of the training of the tailors in Malawi and all other running costs of the project with the sales proceeds of our products alone, but until we get there, we would be happy if you would support us too!

The easiest and fastest way to help us – of course – is with a donation. For more information on how your donation can safely find its way to us, see the Donate page. But there are other ways to support us too: To save logistics costs from Malawi to Germany, we are looking for flight partners who still have room in their luggage for some of our products.

If you want to support the project in the long term and want to work in an international, young team, become part of the Off-site Team! Have a look at our open positions or just get in touch with us so that we can find a task for you in the project together.