5 January 2023

What does your subteam do? What are your tasks? The subteams represent different areas in which we focus on one topic and support the project. This way we can contribute according to our own interests and skills. Which tasks do you enjoy the most ? It is especially fun to represent the project to the […]

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Meet the team – Fundraising

5 January 2023

What does your subteam do? What are your tasks? The fundraising team mainly takes care of financing the project. This is done in many different ways. Our most important support is our great donors. We implement fundraising campaigns, so they always know what is going on in the project and where help is especially needed. […]

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Giving Tuesday 2022

4 December 2022

Dear Taste of Malawi friends, every year on the Tuesday after Black Friday, organizations around the world celebrate Giving Tuesday. This campaign was started to counteract the buying mania of Black Friday and to draw attention to the many valuable and necessary projects of organizations in all areas. The motto is : instead of spending […]

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Motivated through the summer

16 July 2022

We as an NGO experience it just like other organizations: the summer slump. Temperatures rise above 25 degrees and eating ice cream, going to the lake, and barbecuing are all part of summer. We’ll show you our tips for enjoying the summer and pursuing volunteer work motivated. Achieve goals and sunshine  Especially in the summer, […]

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Learning in cooperation

25 June 2022

We as an NGO do not work alone. We see ourselves as an organization that always works together in a network. It is important for us to think outside the box, explore new things and to keep on learning. We have launched a brand, educated ourselves and strengthened our cooperation with MYLILY. Here’s a little […]

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Meeting and that in presence?

14 May 2022

As an NGO, we also collaborated digitally before the pandemic. But how do we inspire people to be present again? Permanent home office – history for many. We are planning a big presence meeting for the end of the year – our annual general meeting. 3 quick tips for a meeting in person. Together in […]

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Learnings from working digital with ToM

23 April 2022

The pandemic has also shaped us as an NGO. We had already designed our work digitally and networked beforehand. But the times were not easy for us either. Meetings, all online. We look back on two years of the global pandemic. Everything different? While other NGOs had to redesign their entire collaboration, for us our […]

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New products

19 February 2022

What better way to showcase the beautiful work done by our Tailor program students than by sharing it with the world on Etsy!!! After months of hard work, sweat, and tears; we would like to proudly present our Etsy shop! As you can see from the pictures below, the products are absolutely gorgeous, and the […]

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Working Across Oceans

25 January 2022

Have you ever thought about the complexity of intercultural and international work? Perhaps the plethora of advantages comes to mind when you think about working with people from a different country as your own. At Taste of Malawi we get to experience the highs and lows, but mainly highs, of having part of our team […]

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Final Exams

4 January 2022

It’s hard to imagine that 2021 is already over and that it is exam season! Exams can be nerve-racking, am I right? I’m sure we have all been there and experienced those pre-exams jitters. I know I have! Our students in Malawi are currently taking their semester exams – below you can see them in […]

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Giving Tuesday

11 December 2021

December is the celebration month. Just before this we already have a day of joy. We celebrated Giving Tuesday together with you. Here are a few glimpses behind the scenes.  Preparation is the key.  Today we are dedicating ourselves to the theme of Giving Tuesday. This day is very special for us. It is a […]

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An open calender on a desk

How we organize ourselves

23 November 2021

It’s time to join us!  At Taste of Malawi, we are all volunteers. From fundraising to design, we have several areas to get involved in. Are you interested in one area, or do you want to learn something new? Then we are the right place for you. Here are a few insights into our cooperation.  […]

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#FacesOfToM – Nadja

26 October 2021

In the meantime, it’s already fall. We have already introduced you to eleven people from our off-site team. Today you will get to know another member. All of you have already had direct or indirect contact with this person. Why – because she runs the Instagram channel of Taste of Malawi. Read more about her […]

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#FacesOfToM – Freia & Anne

25 July 2021

Today we continue with our interview series with the members of Taste of Malawi. Over the past weeks and months, you have gotten to know our newcomers who have been with us since 2020 or this year. Freia, Team Social Media and Anne, Team HR have been part of our project for a long time […]

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World Environment Day

5 June 2021

World Environment Day Today is the World Environment Day. We as a project, but also each one of us, are moved by the topic. We are aware that climate change is shaping and will shape our present and our future. The World Environment Day is not just a random day that reminds us of an […]

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#FacesOfToM – Audrey&Richard

22 May 2021

It’s Saturday, two weeks later, and that means it’s interview time again. Today you’ll get the chance to meet two members who have been with us since 2020. Audrey and Richard make up the Accounting Team. They are excited to share their perspectives, motivations and more below. Welcome Audrey and Richard! The Accounting team consists […]

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#FacesOfToM – Max & Simon

8 May 2021

Three months have passed so fast. Today we want to restart our interview series to look behind the scenes of Taste of Malawi. You get the chance to meet two members who have joined more than a year ago. Max and Simon are working together on the Logistics Team, and they are excited to share their motivation, some stories and so much more below.

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#FacesOfToM – Sophie & Paula

6 February 2021

We can’t believe it is February already. So far, we have introduced three members from our off-site team to you. Today you will get to know two more. You can find out about their motivation to join Taste of Malawi, their stories, and so much more below.

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#FacesOfToM – Lourdes

23 January 2021

January is coming to an end. We are trying our best to stay true to our New Year’s resolution: a transparent Taste of Malawi. For our second interview we got to meet another new member: Lourdes.

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#FacesOfToM – Maike & Rita

9 January 2021

We have a resolution for 2021: more transparency. From now on, you will begin to know our off-site team members through this blog. Who is behind the scenes? How do decisions for the teams come about? And how did everyone get involved with Taste of Malawi e.V.?

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Giving Tuesday 2020

1 December 2020

Also in this turbulent year, we want to celebrate Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving, together with you. Especially this year it is important that we all stick together, be there for each other, and support each other. For our heart project, it was not an easy year either, but we are happy that […]

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27 May 2020

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind and is now a part of our everyday life. Not only in Europe, but also in Africa, people are threatened by the virus.

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Four Years of Solidarity

18 April 2020

Yay, it’s that time again: Today is our fourth birthday and we are celebrating four years of solidarity! We were able to realize our dream of a small tailoring workshop that supports women in Malawi on their way to independence and since then our project of the heart has been developing constantly. Motivated and ambitious […]

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Current Situation in Malawi

18 April 2020

In addition to the good birthday news we want to give you a short update on the current situation in our tailoring workshop: Everybody is in good health condition and of course we have also taken measures to protect all tailors and employees. Water, soap and disinfectant are available, and the recommended safety distance is […]

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Our Collaboration with Somskat

3 February 2020

Maybe some of you have already noticed: We have a new cooperation partner since August. Somskat! Somskat is a slow fashion label from Stuttgart that produces sustainable and simple garments with high design standards – responsible, resource-saving and transparent, made in Europe. Somskat produces garments only after the design has been pre-financed by the customers […]

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Jana's Visit in Malawi

3 October 2019

After three years I’ve finally made it back to the project in Malawi – I hadn’t been there for way too long. With every Skype call with the Malawian team and every report from our volunteers the feeling grew that the project is ever developing and is not the small sewing workshop it once was, […]

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Thank you! Zikomo kwambiri!

9 October 2018

Seven months ago, I posted on my blog for the first time and now my time in Malawi is already over. I am back in Germany and I’m slowly getting used to everyday life again. As I already pointed out in the last entry, I’ve been in South Africa for three weeks in August. It’s […]

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On the Sososo Coach to Mzoozoozoo Lodge

28 July 2018

The last days in Malawi have started. My stay in Malawi is almost over and there’s not even two whole weeks left with the project. Time has passed so fast and I would love to stay longer. At the same time, of course, I am also looking forward to going back home. As I have […]

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A Safari and a V-Belt

19 June 2018

When in Africa, one thing should be on everyone’s to-do list: Going on a safari.Since there are not many wild animals left in Malawi, we decided to go to the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. In order to not get stressed out with planning the trip, we booked a weekend with See Malawi. One […]

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Loads happened in the last weeks

18 May 2018

My housemate Linus, who is in Malawi for Weltwärts, has switched to Taste of Malawi now. We’ve planned a lot of cool things, and working on a project together is way quicker than working on it alone.The best example of this is the renovation of our rooms. As already announced, we have been busy with […]

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Ana, kompyuta ndipo police roadblock – Kids, computers and police roadblocks

3 May 2018

As I told you in my last post, I’ve spent a lot of time preparing and writing in my first weeks here. The goal was to make the entry into the project easier for future volunteers, so they can start directly with their work. So I’ve written various guidelines recently, such as the guide for […]

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18 April 2018

We celebrate our second birthday today! Taste of Malawi has been a registered non-profit organisation for two years now, and on this occasion we’d like to tell you what we have done so far: We have turned an old building into our school, where we have accomodated fifteen women so far. Our current volunteer Nadja […]

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Muli bwanji? How are you?

29 March 2018

After the initial culture shock, I have now settled well in Malawi. At the moment I’m working a lot on the computer so I’m not in the project very often, but the days I spend in Chinsapo are always very nice and varied. When I hadn’t been in the project for a few days the […]

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Takulandirani ku Malawi – Welcome to Malawi

18 March 2018

Finally I’m here. After 24 hours of travel and three stops in the Netherlands, Kenya and Mozambique, I arrived in Lilongwe. It is warm, colourful and exhausting. The cultural shock kicked in on the way from the airport to the city. People are walking in the streets and many of them want to sell you […]

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Half a year in Malawi

27 February 2018

My name is Nadja. I’m 24, study social work in Ludwigsburg in Germany, and my biggest dream has always been to spend some time in Africa and to be able to engage myself in helping others.During my studies I have to complete a practical internship in order to gain further insights in social work and […]

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The latest addition to our team: Anna!

18 October 2017

We are happy and proud to welcome Anna to our team and are looking forward to getting to know her better in the next time! She is a bespoke tailor and fashion designer, is experienced in costume making and now is in further training for her master craftsman’s diploma. So she has the very right […]

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