Our goal is to secure the financing of Taste of Malawi in the future more and more through the sale of the clothes that the tailors sew. Of course, it is very helpful for us to have reliable partners who co-operate with us in the long term.

One such partner is Mylily. Mylily produces organic period products and has become fairly well known for it in Germany. As part of our partnership, Taste of Malawi produces the Period Bag for Mylily: small cases made of colorful Chitenje fabric in which Mylily products can be stored in style. You can buy the Period Bag at drugstore chain Rossmann – it’s an indescribably great feeling to see our colourful products in retail stores!

Want to learn more about Mylily? Click here to visit their site!

If you would also like to start a project with us, we look forward to hearing from you!

The second important way to finance our project is our own fashion label: INO! Under this name we sell our products in Europe. Creating INO was a process that took more than three years, but now we are proud to present the label as a result of the skills that have grown in the On-site Team, the Off-site Team and of course especially our tailors!

Click here to visit INO’s website: www.we-are-ino.com